musician-teachesMusic education and technology programs for children and teens with
special needs including but not limited to autism, Aspergers, cancer,
multiple sclerosis, physically handicapped and hospitalized children.

  • Music Discovery – 2 to 5 year old children learn the basics of rhythm, theory, singing and dancing through a fun and interactive approach.
  • Music Technology – Recording, composition and editing with state of the art computers, hardware and software.
  • Private Music Instruction – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Voice, Brass, Strings, Woodwinds and more.
  • Vocal Performance – Guys and girls learn how to perform on stage, sing solo and in groups and showcase their talent. This is a great way to prepare for American Idol, X-Factor and the Voice!
  • Group Guitar – Learn popular songs and jam out with others that share similar ages, interests, styles, artists and goals.
  • Rock and Pop Band – Students learn how to play along with guitar, bass, drums, keys
    and voice. We prepare them for live performance, original composition and recording.
  • Instrument and Technology Drive – We are currently accepting music instruments such as guitars, basses, drums, percussion, keyboards, brass, strings and woodwind. We are also accepting mac computers, ipads, ipods, and other music based devices.

Collaborating with local non-profits and charities providing music programs and performances to bring awareness, unite, and encourage the support of young local musicians in our community.