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Who We Are

Young MusiciansAxis Music Foundation 501(c) 3 is a non-profit entity that started up in the Spring of 2012 with plans of delivering music education, instruments and technology to families, schools and organizations that have been suffering from the extensive cutbacks that music and the arts have endured over the years.

As a family owned and operated organization, Axis Music is rooted in the mission and guiding principles established by its Founder, John Antone and Executive Director, Andrea Antone. Together with the support staff and certified instructors, our foundation boldly and successfully leads the often-overlooked music education industry in terms of technical innovation, program diversity, quality and FUN!

We are also the only AATC (Apple Authorized Training Center) in Michigan.


“We provide programs and resources that change lives. Our drive is to deliver a unique set of opportunities through programs and performances to those who wouldn’t be exposed otherwise. We take a spark and turn it into a flame.”
–John Antone, Chairman and Founder

What We Do

Provide musical education programs, instruments and the highest level of instruction to children of all ages. Some of the participants include schools, early child development centers, places of worship and community centers, children with learning disabilities and the terminally ill.

This is achieved by setting the highest standards for musical instruction and by the constant dedication to improvement within the community.

Axis Music Foundation empowers each child with the ability and all the tools necessary to showcase their talents at musical venues and community events around the Metro Detroit Area. We teach the kids to “ROCK THE RIGHT WAY” and have a great time doing it!

Our Mission

To inspire creativity, artistic expression, personal achievement and enlightened mentoring through the art of music, technology and live performance.

Board Members and Advisors

  • John Antone – Chairman and Founder
  • Rick Delonis – Founding Board Member
  • Andrea Antone – Founding Board Member
  • Elana Lofman – Board Member
  • Mark Kassa – Board Member

Student Ambassadors

Callaghan Belle – Student Ambassador

Callaghan Smerek

Ali McManus – Student Ambassador

Ali McManus - Student Ambassador

Nick Antonelli – Student Ambassador

Nick Antonelli

Sami Lofman – Student Ambassador


Griffin Siegel – Student Ambassador

Griffin 4 


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